New Year - New Plan

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Jumping fish glass to bowl

I grabbed these photos off facebook this morning. This first one tells a story of someone willing to take chances. This little fishy seems to have gathered up enough nerve to finally jump out of his small glass of water and plunge into the big fish bowl. The only thing he knows about life in the big fish bowl is what he has perceived through a few layers of glass. Who knows how long he's been an observer, but he has decided that the glass doesn't fit anymore – or maybe the allure of a different life just got to be too much for him to resist. Either way, he is going for it! A new life. Different surroundings. However scary it might be, his need for something different has given him courage to face the unknown.

This second photo is reminiscent of a life that allows outside influences to determine its course. "Go with the flow," it seems to be saying. Sit on the beach and watch the waves come in. Relax. Take it easy. Don't worry about how it's going to turn out. Just take whatever comes your way.

Jumping fish glass to bowl

As I considered both of these photos, I thought about the past few years, how everything changed. I've been in a holding pattern, an observer, living in that little glass. It was my 'incubator' of sorts. I was sorting things out. The plan I had made for my life crumbled into a big heap, and I couldn't even make sense of it, much less put it back together. I've had some time to rest, heal.

I suddenly realized I was making a choice. If you know me at all, you may have already guessed that I am ready to choose the life offered in the first photo. I haven't figured everything out yet. That's part of the allure of that big bowl. I don't really know what's going to happen next; I don't have a "plan" all drawn up. I do know that I will take baby steps, but must always be in a forward direction.

So, there's my explanation for this new site. It is still "Growing Home"; not necessarily better or too different from what it was before, but a continuation down a different track, a new shoreline. Who knows? Maybe at some point, I'll jump out of the fishbowls altogether and find me an ocean! :) Baby steps...

This past August I began my college career, 28 years after high school graduation, to receive my Associate's of Applied Science in Health Information Management. I just wrapped up my first semester with a 3.958 GPA! While I enjoyed learning Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology, I started to get a feeling that I would be stuck in an office (maybe by myself) with files and a computer – and that's all. I've learned from working at the Tribune and in the pharmacy at Walgreens that customer service is my favorite part of working outside the home. I see new and different people every day. The challenge of meeting the needs of each and every (very different) customer is exhilarating to me. Transcribing files may not hold the same appeal.

Having much experience with computers and building websites in the past, I've decided to go back to "old familiar"; not because it feels "safe", but because it fits. I enjoy building websites! I get lost in code for hours and am still thrilled beyond belief when it turns out the way I knew it could! It is an occupation that demands structure, but leaves a lot of room for creativity. No WALLS here! Customer service? You betcha! I've done it before, I can do it again. The take away from this lesson for me is that I will be teachable this time. I am now going to learn from the ground up. When something goes wrong, I will be able to turn to a TEACHER for help! Win/win!

So, there you have it. I'm looking forward to 2013 with renewed anticipation. 2012 (and 2011, and some of 2010 for that matter) was a stepping stone, incubation time, healing mode. It's time to break out of the glass. I hope you'll benefit from some of my posts, or at the very least, enjoy them. I have lots to share!

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