Weekend Sabbatical

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I wrote this the other day. The outcome was not what I had hoped for, but...

Slipping away.
Tighten my grip.
It's all I know
How to do.

I have nothing else.
I've spent all my time
Waiting and longing
For you.

I know it's not right
To retreat and be sad
Just because you have
Asked for a break.

Go on with my life.
Do things that are fun.
When all that I'd hoped for's
At stake?

My heart and my brain
Are always at odds.
Face value was never
My strong suit.

I dig and I delve
To the deepest of depths.
I tell myself that
I have lost you.

But what if I'm wrong?
My perception is off,
And you really just
Had to unwind?

From the worries and pressures
Of day-to-day life 
That sometimes can be
So unkind?

I've learned from this time,
That a change is afoot.
It's time
That you see the real me.

I've covered it up.
Didn't think you'd find out
All the things
I didn't want you to see.

The pain and the heartache
I kept deep inside.
Regrets and insecurities.

Perhaps you won't mind.
You've always been kind.
And I think you
Appreciate me.

The thing is, my love
I try to decipher
The texts and the phone calls
In vain.

When what I should do
Is listen to you.
Your message is simple
And plain.

So, whatever the verdict,
Whatever the cause
Of this weekend
And time of refrain.

Please know that I've pondered
The outcome times two.
Again, and again, and again!

Tomorrow you'll call me
And I will discover
The reason for your
Short sabbatical.

I'm hoping and praying
The fix to your fears
Doesn't end up
Being too radical.

When all's said and done,
And the battle is won
And your problems are
All tucked in.

Please turn to me
And hand me the key,
And tell me
It's WE who will win.



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