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Anyone who knows me (and my "whole food" mantra) will be astounded by my declaration that I totally agree with this author's viewpoint. But, you don't know me, do you? All the more reason for you to dig into this article. I really want you to read it! It's all about balance, and that's the message that encompasses my WHOLE website.

First I'll give you the link so you can go read the article. Warning: It will make you experience emotions from one end of the gamut to the other, no matter which side of the fence you live on. Then, you will need to take a deep breath and decide where you stand on the issue. You may just find yourself questioning your own stance on this subject. I love articles like this!

Lone Prairie:The Undeniable Facts About the Safety of Diet Coke

The Food Pyramid is Upside-Down

I subscribe to a different theory than most people when it comes to healthy eating. I believe whole-heartedly, that the government's idea of "healthy eating" (i.e. The food pyramid) is DEAD-WRONG! I've researched this subject for years, and I'm convinced that our "grain-based", low-fat, high-fiber, pasteurized everything diets are killing us - yes, I said it, they are KILLING us!

Think about it, how prevalent was heart disease 75 years ago? When did ADD/ADHD, Chron's disease, autism, and celiac become the "norm" instead of the exception? Are these conditions related to what we eat? Is cholesterol really a bad thing? Butter? Who says? Did they prove it? Is their information accurate? These are questions I believe any mildly curious person would ask before making a decision about where they stand on important issues that involve one's own health and well-being. If you don't have this natural curiosity, carry on my friend. My well-informed "opinion" will not sway your previously made-up mind. No harm, no foul.

Food: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Truth

Here are some of the things I believe about food. Butter, coconut oil, olive oil and beef tallow are GOOD for us! (i.e. Saturated fats) Most other oils, not. Grains, improperly prepared (most are) are bad. Milk should be raw, not pasteurized. Our brains NEED good, saturated fats to survive, and thrive. Fats (the right ones) give us energy. Calories in, calories out is a flawed weight-loss theory. Sugar is bad; and fake sugar (artificial sweetener) is the enemy!

As you will notice, I have cited many of my sources in this post for you to conduct your own research. Please find out how I came to these conclusions. I am a firm believer in deep research. Never just trust one source. Never take anything at face value. Dig deep. Form your own conclusions. This post is just my opinion, albeit well-informed.Okay, scan back a couple paragraphs to where it says, "fake sugar is the enemy", and then look at the Diet Coke image. Yes, I hear you. 'Gotcha! She is a hypocrite! She's contradicting herself!'

Food Balance: Best Theories Meet Real Life

This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play. "According to this rule, if you spend 80% of your time adhering closely to a healthy lifestyle, your health should be able to withstand whatever you do during the remaining 20% of the time." Makes perfect sense to me. But be warned, you can't expect great things if you're not following the rules. I believe this "rule", I prefer to call it a theory, is meant to be a guideline for a healthy lifestyle; but if you bend or break the rule often, it's not going to work for you, now is it? I believe Ms. Neidlinger, the author of the Lone Prairie website I mentioned previously, is a subscriber to this theory, as I am. More power to all the strictly disciplined souls who can follow the rules ruthlessly. I'm sure they are miserable. I will allow myself to indulge occasionally in a "sinful" pleasure. This very act, I believe, will help me maintain a level of sanity that works for me ... and those people that, by choice or not, spend any amount of time in my presence. In fact, I consider my periodic indulgence to be a compassionate service to my fellow earth-dwellers. Win/Win!

It's Not Easy

Having squarely faced my own challenge to boldly claim that I agree with this seemingly contradicting theory, I have a confession to make. I am overweight. I have not followed the 80/20 rule for quite some time. Other lifestyle factors have sneaked into my life and sabotaged my best intentions. My 80/20 theory is, at best, 50/50 right now. Stress is a topic for another post, another day. It's very feasible that I wrote this article to convince myself to get back on track. I KNOW what I need to do. I've written about it. I own it. I've seen it work, for me, for my family. I need to get back to that "happy contentment". For now, I've satisfied an urge. I've told you how I feel. I believe it's a good first step. What do you think?

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I mentioned on the front page of this site that I have recently re-entered the work force, after 19 years of working, learning, and LIVING – at home. I wasn't idle during that time. I learned plenty of marketable skills during my family's "formative" years. When I put a baby down (finally) at 2 am, sometimes I couldn't shut my brain off immediately. Instead of whining and complaining about insomnia, I turned on the computer. The seductive glow of the monitor carried those wee hours into some sort of fruition on a regular basis. I would crack open a book – never fiction, until the lids grew heavy, and I could no longer retain a single word I was reading. I learned HTML, CSS, PHP, and other computer languages. I taught myself. I studied things I could not grasp in high school, but still wanted to know. I learned how to home school my kids, and am proud of their accomplishments, as well as my own. I never realized how important those actions would become; but I'm so glad I continued learning – and doing – during my time at home.

I've scoured and researched the best ways to present my skills and abilities. My resume is the product of this, still unfinished, "research project". As I learn new things along the way, it will change. Nothing is ever stamped "FINAL" until the goal has been reached. While I have obtained acceptable employment in my chosen field, I refuse to become complacent. I know the grass is always greener... but, I believe there are still things out there that may eventually bring me back home, where I wish I could be always.

So on that note, I present – My Resume.

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I've spent the last few years trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I've been playing around with this site for almost 10 years now. It grows and stretches with my interests and time. I was married for 20 years, now I'm not. I have five wonderful kids, and have carved out a little niche smack in the middle of America. I've had time to figure out what I like and don't like about almost every subject you can throw at me; and I can probably tell you why I've formed a particular opinion by relating a relevant story plucked from memory.

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