Thursday, 11 July 2013 16:11 In Work

I mentioned on the front page of this site that I have recently re-entered the work force, after 19 years of working, learning, and LIVING – at home. I wasn't idle during that time. I learned plenty of marketable skills during my family's "formative" years. When I put a baby down (finally) at 2 am, sometimes I couldn't shut my brain off immediately. Instead of whining and complaining about insomnia, I turned on the computer. The seductive glow of the monitor carried those wee hours into some sort of fruition on a regular basis. I would crack open a book – never fiction, until the lids grew heavy, and I could no longer retain a single word I was reading. I learned HTML, CSS, PHP, and other computer languages. I taught myself. I studied things I could not grasp in high school, but still wanted to know. I learned how to home school my kids, and am proud of their accomplishments, as well as my own. I never realized how important those actions would become; but I'm so glad I continued learning – and doing – during my time at home.

I've scoured and researched the best ways to present my skills and abilities. My resume is the product of this, still unfinished, "research project". As I learn new things along the way, it will change. Nothing is ever stamped "FINAL" until the goal has been reached. While I have obtained acceptable employment in my chosen field, I refuse to become complacent. I know the grass is always greener... but, I believe there are still things out there that may eventually bring me back home, where I wish I could be always.

So on that note, I present – My Resume.

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